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The team that runs has stumbled upon a tightly-kept secret of the manufacturing world. This is a secret that most consumers know nothing about, and frankly “big box” retail chain CEOs would prefer to keep this secret buried deep inside the industry and out of the average consumers reach. However, you can get in on the action and learn what makes this astonishing manufacturing loophole so advantageous—and in learning about it, you can realize how you can gain access to more than 2,500 manufacturer products, all of them free.

Yes, free products—and not just any products. These are hi-tech consumer electronics, small kitchen appliances and more. And all of them are there for the taking… It may sound like it is a deal so good there is no way it is for real—but it is, and is your doorway to understanding it better.

So read on for more information about this company and the amazing opportunities that it offers. Again, it is important to stress that this is a chance to gain access to a ton of great products all free. But you never have to sit through a litany of ads and you never have to take part in any product trials or surveys. Sound interesting? If so, then read on for further details.

The Basics

So, first things first. There are more than 2,500 electronics and small kitchen appliances available to you at no cost at all. This is not a scam and there are no hidden strings attached. Understanding how this works first requires you to understand a few things about the way manufacturing companies work.

Manufacturing companies receive some fairly substantial tax breaks and write offs. In order to keep getting these tax breaks, however, it is critical for these manufacturers to comply with certain rules and expectations. One expectation is that every year these manufacturers give away a certain number of products to a certain group of consumers.

These manufacturing companies are more than happy to comply in exchange for receiving their tax breaks and product feedback. Every year, they give away countless millions of dollars in products. Then they write all this off as a simple marketing expense—and in fact, these product giveaways are built into the annual marketing budgets of most of these companies.

Who are these products given away to? They are given away to everyday consumers – just like you. The trick, of course, is knowing exactly how you can get on the list to receive these products. has the answer.

What You Have to Do

You are probably wondering what the “catch” is—and in a manner of speaking, there is a catch, though probably not what you are thinking. You do not have to subject yourself to a ton of product ads, and there are no hidden “gotcha” fees here. To these manufacturing companies, all of this boils down to simple marketing, and tax breaks; The staff at MyProductsFree meanwhile, is just happy to help you get your foot in the door.

What you have to do to receive these products is simply write a brief product review—a one-paragraph e-mail—expressing whether you like or dislike the product. That’s it. Manufacturers claim that this helps them assess, evaluate, and market their products better. Frankly, what you write in your short review e-mails matters very little; the manufacturers get their tax breaks regardless.

Membership Plans

Before you can start requesting your products and writing your reviews, however, you do need to do one other thing—and that is to sign up for a Basic Level membership account. Once you have your Basic Level membership in place, you will immediately be asked if you want to Upgrade to their Exclusive Gold Level Membership!

DO NOT PASS this up -  if you are asked to upgrade to the Gold Level…. Just do it.

Here’s the Difference in the Two Membership Plans

There are currently two different membership plans. One is a Basic Level Membership Plan, and it provides you access to the 2,500 products in the database—most of them consumer electronics, small kitchen appliances and electronic toys for kids.

The second Upgraded Membership is called the GOLD LEVEL MEMBERSHIP and will grant you access to an exponentially wider database with an Additional 15 Thousands Products that include not only electronics, but also shoes, clothes, handbags, jewelry, mopeds, scooters, baby and children’s furniture and toys, auto parts, and more.

Again, what ever you do – DO NOT PASS up the GOLD LEVEL Membership when you are asked to upgrade …. Just do it because there are Limited Gold Level Memberships available and You Need to Quickly Snag this GOLD LEVEL UPGRADE.

After securing your membership, you can immediately begin looking at the sprawling database of products. You can pick the products that appeal to you and immediately begin requesting the ones you want to receive. Pick as many products as you like to test and review – and the more reviews that you write, the more companies will reach out to you to send you more demo units and test products!

How it Works

So to recap… here is how you can start getting manufacturer products, totally free and for really very little effort.

First, go to the site and sign up. You will receive your members instructions with detailed training and access to a huge database of products. You can pick the products you want—specific model numbers and even the colors of your choosing—and request those manufacturers send the products your way.

Once you sign up, you will have access to the product database within 15 minutes. Within an hour, you will have everything in place to start requesting products. And your products can even start arriving in as little as a month’s time.

When your products arrive, you are asked to write a very short product review. You do not have to know a lot about writing to do this as shows you how to make note of a few pros or cons of each product.

By writing these reviews, you will get your name on the list to keep getting manufacturer products from these companies. In other words, there is sort of a snowball effect!

You can continue to spend a lot of money getting your products at Amazon or at Wal-Mart, at Sam’s Club or at Best Buy—but why would you? You can gain access to these products free of charge. Just think outside of the box, and discover what this company has to offer.

At a Glance

The long and short of it is that tax loopholes make it possible for everyday consumers to obtain manufacturer products—including brand new electronics—for no charge. To find out how, all you have to do is turn to This is a company that serves as your gateway to a wide world of free merchandise.

Sign up at today, and watch as the products start rolling in.